Environmental Policy

As Akdeniz Gemi  employees and senior management, it is our basic principle to carry out all our activities inside and outside the construction site by prioritizing respect for the environment and people within the framework of our responsibilities towards the environment and society. Therefore,

Our policy

Accepting compliance with all environmental laws and regulations as minimum competence and continuously improving compliance with legal requirements.

To create an environmental company culture by educating and raising awareness of our company personnel about the environment

To extend the life of natural resources by collecting our wastes separately and contributing to recycling as much as possible and reducing the consumption of other natural resources.

To reduce our waste arising from our activities as much as possible. To be respectful to people and the environment.

It is our duty to fulfill our responsibilities to today's people and future generations, to act with the awareness of environmental protection for our country and the world and to spread this awareness. This policy is open to all public, public and neighbors. We firmly believe that all our personnel will make every effort and effort to achieve our goals while implementing the environmental policy.