About Us

Akdeniz Gemi Industry was established in 1994, aimed to expand its production and its entire business network to become one of the Giant Companies of the World and obtained EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate in 2006 and ensures its continuity. It has documented its personnel, all its equipment and revealed that it is different from other companies in the World Maritime Trade Network.

Akdeniz Gemi ; It has become an internationally recognized brand in the Turkish Shipbuilding Sector since the early 1990s, as it continues its development by melting Traditional Production Techniques and Modern Technology in the same pot with Education.

With its trained personnel and years of experience, Akdeniz Gemi has served and continues to serve more than 50 land facilities and more than 100 armature companies in the sector. It has strengthened its position in the sector in parallel with the development of technology with its facility, which has its own property and has a closed area capacity of 1000 m2 in Tuzla shipyards area, which was modernized in 2006.